Blocky Craft Police Squad

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The city is occupied by evil creatures. Hold your gun and use your superb shooting skills to destroy all enemies.
Do not let the enemy surround you, make sure your safety, and clear the area of all the creatures.

The blocky police have provided you with a variety of powerful weapons, power-ups, machine guns, and the latest military equipment.

In the exciting battle, you are a well-trained cop and your mission is to destroy all enemies along with your police squad.

Use power-ups, drive on bikes, use harpoons, fly over the sky using jetpack, and call for additional police if you run out of ammo.

*WASD* - move
*mouse* - shoot
*t* - weapons
*shift* - jetpack
*h* - help
*mouse* - harpoon
*f* - call police
*e* - call bike
*q* - get on a bike


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