Combat Strike 2

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War is here! The most skilled soldiers were chosen to fight in one of the two teams. On one side, the blue team. This team is fighting for peace and democracy. They want this war to end. However, the red team... These guys want the exact opposite, so they are provoking the blue team to constant fights where many soldiers have already died. Will this war ever end? Maps like Inferno, Dust, Aztec... what game do these maps remind you? No clue? Counter-Strike, of course! Now, you can sharpen your shooting skills and face players from all over the world in remade maps from one of the most played PC games up to this date. Feel that competitive spirit. Every headshot is a piece of art. Double kill, triple kill, rampage! Take down all enemies and dominate the game! Have fun.

W A S D Movement
Mouse Fire
T Button Chat
Reloaded R
1 2 Keys Change Weapon


Multiplayer Desktop


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