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Humans make RoboSoldiers to make world better and safe but they say Humans are the source of Evil and Must Be Destroyed! ، They Made AI Helicopters To Track and Attack any One try stop them! , Try Survive and Stop AI Helicopters Much you can and Get More Weapons and Cards and Upgrade Your Skills to Destroy more Artificial Intelligence Heilcopters ، Get Ready For The War !

Endless Mode :
- 30+ mission
- 15 Level / From Easy to Hardcore
- Can Backup 3 Weapons and Change to Default
- Can set 4 cards to use
- Get New Reward every time Finish 3 mission
- Multiplayer Support play and make Highscore

Story Level's

+ 3 Levels
+ Meet New Enemys

How to Unlock Some Weapons & Cards ?
- Can Unlock by Coins or Upgrade Solider To Requimented Level or Higher

How Can Preview Weapons ?
- You Can Choose any Weapon to Preview from Weapons Shop

How use Cards ?
- Every Card Has info to know Use for in Cards Shop

You Get EXP & Coins Every Time Destroy your Enemy , you can use EXP to Upgrade your Profile Level or Soldier you choose
Also Coins Can unlock some weapons and Upgrade It or Upgrade Your Soldier

Get Your Weapon and Be Ready!

Can Choose Your Control in Start from Settings Button

Can Play with Touch Control In Mobile Phones

Can Play with Keyboard Control :
Q = Up Left
W = Up Center
E = Up Right
A = Left
D = Right
Z = Left Sliding
X = Right Sliding
Shooting = Left or Right Click (Mouse)


Action Desktop


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