Free Rally: STALKER Mode

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It is a sequel of the game "Free Rally".
A multiplayer game with cars, motos and helicopters in the abandoned city located at forbidden Chernobyl zone.
You can choose from seven different vehicles including a buggy, Sedan, moto police and helicopter. Helicopter, buggy and Sofy are equipment by rockets.
There is a police function "arrest" on the "moto police". You can stop any car if you'll catch him.

* WASD*, *arrows* - drive
*space* - handbrake
*f*, *right mouse* - fire on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
*v* - seeking rocket on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
*e* - enable/disable police alert and music
*f* - stop car on moto police
*shift* - nitro on moto, buggy and Sofy
*r* - signal
*g* - vehicle go up
*l* - light on the car
*l* - start/stop engine on the helicopter
*c* - change camera view
*enter* - chat
*escape* - go to the menu


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