Golden Snake - demo

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An action-platformer game about treasure hunter, his nick is Golden Snake, he got it while found his first artifact it was key to treasures made as a golden snake. In the game, you will explore different locations of islands lost in time and map. On your way will different creatures and monsters. Use a machete to save your bullets and go forward through dangerous tombs and jungle. Game in development. UI is for testing only, some UI functionality is absent. 5 levels only In demo. Support our dev team on Patreon, we have many ideas for new games and when making it possible to launch it in development


Mobile - touch UI controls

PC/Mac browser:

Run - *left*,*right*
Jump - *up*
Moving on ladders - *up* , *down*
Machette hit - *space*
*a*,*s* - swap weapons
*z* - Shoot
*ctrl* - to grip the box / to release the box - move it by *left*,*right*


Action Desktop


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