Merge Hexa

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Merge Hexa is a logic game in which you have to match numbered hexagons so that only one remains on the screen. You have to combine the hexagons with the same number. Only adjacent hexagons can connect if there are spaces between them, the game cannot continue and you have to start from the beginning. If they are not available, you can combine hexagons that have a smaller number.

New operations and direction or movement hexagons appear in the game, so it will be very fun and intuitive.
As you advance in the game, the difficulty will increase and you will also have guide hexagons with their help you can move hexagons or perform operations so as to reach the desired number.
Merge Hexa has 25 levels in which you test your logic and observational spirit.
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Key Game Features:

25 levels of logic and mathematics Increasing complexity for after each level
Simple graphics and intuitive
There is no time limit
Available on any device



Logic Desktop


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