Throwing Knife

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This game is a simulator of throwing a knife at a moving target.
The goal of the game is to get the most points.
Before starting the game, select a target, as well as the direction and speed of its rotation.
Use the tip of the knife as a sight.
To throw a knife, press the left mouse button.
Since the target is moving, you need to aim proactively.

The game uses colored target.
Points are added for hit:
Green  + 1
Blue   + 2
Red    + 5
Yellow + 10
White  - 25% of the score
If you hit a person or a bomb, the game ends.
When you hit a cowboy, he will shoot at you and take points until you make a successful knife throw.

You are invited to hit the target of a certain color. If you do this, then you get an extra knife.

"mouse" = point the knife
"left mouse button" = throw a knife


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