Turbo Car Driving

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Are you car enthusiast? Do you like speeding on the road? Then, Great! Let's play Turbo Car Driving. It's free for all now!

At the beginning of the game, there is a main menu in which you can get access to many races, free ride and garage sections. In garage, you can paint your car as you please and you can buy new cars by using your collected money as well. Are you done? Let's race now! In the game, you can move your car by using WASD keys and use space bar to brake. Drive your sport car at high speeds and enjoy the ride. In the city, there are lots of platforms to make a good moves with your car. You can jump over the building by using these platforms. Don't forget to collect golden bars and collectable stuffs to get stronger and get faster. Buy new cars and new stuffs to hit the road. There are also some missions for you like cross the bridge, explore the heliport and so on. Try to complete these missions to get some rewards. Hey racer, speed up and have so much fun with Turbo Car Driving.

*WASD* = Move
*leftshift* = Repair Car
*f* = Turbo
*r* = Reset Car
*c* = Change Camera
*mouse* = Camera Rotation
*space* = Brake
*g* = Slow Motion


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