Word Wonders

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Do you love to exercise your brain? Do you love to be mesmerised by beautiful eye catching sceneries of the world?

Play this classic crossword word game and be satisfied by its beautiful addicting puzzles.

Over a thousand of puzzles to solve.

Never ran out of coins to buy hint. Just come back everyday to get a bonus coins used to exchange for hint letters.

With its gorgeous scenes in the background, it will be a calming feeling while solving from easy to hard puzzles designed to boost your mental alertness.


Fill the crossword blank horizontally or vertically by swiping your finger or your mouse to the hint letters below the puzzle. Once the correct word is in the list of the puzzle it will show up on the puzzle.

Some of the puzzle has coins inside. Once you guess the letter of each puzzle, you are rewarded with a coin. You can then use your collected coins to buy for a hint letter.

Once you finish a level, a box full of rewards is then waiting to be filled. Once filled, the box will open and greet you with great reward of coins.

There is also a shuffle button for the hint letters for you to play with. In case you are not able to purchase a hint, sometimes a shuffle button will do the trick so sometimes it’s best to play use it if you are stuck.

The hint button will help you through hard to find words in a puzzle.

Sometimes there are valid words you find but are not in the puzzle. Gather them and once you reach at least 25 etra words you are rewarded with worth of 100 coins.

Play everyday to get rewarded with a bunch of coins also and this is the best trick of winning the game. Play everyday, get rewarded by a coin everyday and advance the letter gradually.


* Daily bonus - The player will always have bonus coins once everyday so they can always use the reveal a letter help button
* Extra words - An extra word is equivalent to one star. The player will have an extra 25 coins if they get 40 coins
* Shuffle Hint Letters
* Reveal a letter - The player can reveal a letter in exchange of coins
* 1000 + levels - Keeping you hooked up
* Handpicked words - not generated by AI
* Relaxing music

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