Assault Strike 2

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Welcome to the world of the special forces! This new 2019 game offers 4 playable game modes, lots of weapons, bots and many more. Strategically placed weapon and ammo spawns will help you achieve more in the game. You can change the appearance of your weapon and customize it. Individual voting menus available allowing you to vote for different map or kick player. Optimized with photon PUN2 for better online performance.

*WASD* - Movement
*Q-E*- Lean
*V* - Change Camera
*M* - Menu
*C* - Crouch
*shift* - Run
*T* - Attachements
*space* - Jump
*TAB* - Score
*MB1*- Fire
*MB2* - Scope
*Y* - Chat
*1* - Weapon 1
*2* - Weapon 2
*F* - Pick Weapon


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