Super Stunt Cars

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Do you love cars and an endless ride? Or do you rather jump over the ramps and make a tricks in the air? Than you will love Super Stunt Cars. You have a choice of nine cars and there is also a Lamborghini, a bus, a truck or a police car. Everywhere in the city there are ramps and free space for your ride. You will definitely enjoy slowing down the time, and if something does not work as you thought, you do not have to do a big detour to try it again. You simply go back in time, to the point where it went wrong and repeat the jump. Get ready for some fun and for time eater, because you will love Super Stunt Cars. Have fun.

*arrows* = drive
*r* = reverse time
*c* = change camera
*g* = slow time
*space* = hand brake
*i* = ignition


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